Detox from Sugar

Meet Summer Rayne Oakes, author of SugarDetoxMe, a new cookbook and guide that describes how the mind and body are affected when sugar is consumed and reveals ways to conquer sugar cravings. More than 100 recipes use ingredients for multiple dishes in order to maximize each ingredient, minimize waste, and save money. The following excerpt is … Read more

Cleanse Your Body

A cleansing diet can help fortify your body, giving you more energy, a radiant complexion, healthier hair and nails, and improving your overall health. How the Detox Plan Works The easy-to-follow fall eating plan outlined here is tailored to cleansing the liver, the organ responsible for removing toxins from the body. It also helps to … Read more

Beat Inflammation

Inflammation is our body’s way of sending help to heal wounds, prevent infection, and fend off germs. Without all that heat, redness, and swelling surrounding the area needing immediate attention, we wouldn’t heal. But when inflammation lingers long after the emergency has passed–or when it has nothing to do with one–it causes long-term negative effects … Read more

Avoid Disease With Detox

“The more fat you have, the more toxins you retain,” explains Brenda Watson, CNC. “The more toxins you retain, the harder it becomes to lose weight.” The solution? Minimize your exposure to environmental pollutants and periodically remove toxins with careful detoxification. Traditional medicine has long respected fasting as a means of cleansing and rejuvenating the … Read more

5 Essential Oils for Spring Cleaning

It’s time to put the green in your clean! Common household cleaners contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to your health. You can create safe, eco-friendly cleaning products using essential oils and other natural and inexpensive ingredients you can find at any natural grocery store.  Sure, essential oils smell great–who doesn’t love a hint … Read more

Anticancer Tips to Safeguard Your Health

The list of life-threatening cancers seems endless. Skin. Lung. Breast. Prostate. Cervical. Colorectal. Oral. Testicular. But while each disease is different, all of these types of cancers share common ground–they can often be prevented through lifestyle changes or treated following early detection. While there’s nothing you can do about aging–the biggest risk factor for developing … Read more

Boost Your Workouts & Recovery with Amino Acids

Everyone knows we need protein for energy and growth, but we also need it to obtain amino acids. Our bodies use amino acids to break down food, reduce fatigue, and repair tissue and muscles, among many other functions. Aminos Equal Energy  Several recent studies have demonstrated the value of supplemental amino acids for athletes. L-carnitine … Read more

Keep Things Moving: Improve Your Circulation

How the Circulatory System Works Your cardiovascular system is an intricate network of roadways. These passages allow for the delivery of oxygen, nutrients, hormones, and blood cells as well as the pick up and disposal of metabolic waste via the body’s detoxification systems. Your heart keeps blood pumping through the circulatory system, but the blood … Read more

Compounding: The Basis of Herbal Healing

Americans pride themselves on being ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to scientific and medical advances, but although the US market for botanicals and herbal medicines is rapidly growing, we’re a couple of centuries behind Europe and many centuries behind Asia. The fact is, there is great benefit to be reaped … Read more