Strengthen a Weak Bladder with The Medicinal Herb Angelica

There comes a time in a woman’s life (and sometimes in a man’s) when bladder control becomes something to think about. Suddenly, we are bracing when we sneeze or laugh. This is called stress incontinence–you put physical stress on the bladder, and a little urine leaks out. We start to awaken once or twice or … Read more

Herbs for Liver Health and Detox

Who Benefits from Everyday Liver Support? When herbalists strengthen the liver, we focus on the essential detoxifying function that it performs. Almost anyone would benefit from liver support. However, it’s most important for people with a poor diet, impaired digestion, or a greater-than-average exposure to toxins such as chemical solvents, excessive alcohol, and liver-toxic drugs.  … Read more

Beauty in a Bottle? Nutrients That Improve Appearance

Well, of course nutrients can improve appearance, just as lack of crucial nutrients can detract from attractiveness. Vitamin Deficiency Affects Beauty I knew a lady in her 40s who was quite lovely, but she developed a severe liver disease that reduced her body’s ability to incorporate vitamins, meaning that even though she ate a healthy … Read more