Detox from Sugar

Meet Summer Rayne Oakes, author of SugarDetoxMe, a new cookbook and guide that describes how the mind and body are affected when sugar is consumed and reveals ways to conquer sugar cravings. More than 100 recipes use ingredients for multiple dishes in order to maximize each ingredient, minimize waste, and save money. The following excerpt is … Read more

Avoid Disease With Detox

“The more fat you have, the more toxins you retain,” explains Brenda Watson, CNC. “The more toxins you retain, the harder it becomes to lose weight.” The solution? Minimize your exposure to environmental pollutants and periodically remove toxins with careful detoxification. Traditional medicine has long respected fasting as a means of cleansing and rejuvenating the … Read more

Herbs for Liver Health and Detox

Who Benefits from Everyday Liver Support? When herbalists strengthen the liver, we focus on the essential detoxifying function that it performs. Almost anyone would benefit from liver support. However, it’s most important for people with a poor diet, impaired digestion, or a greater-than-average exposure to toxins such as chemical solvents, excessive alcohol, and liver-toxic drugs.  … Read more